News 2022-2023

Judging of New Panel Competition 23rd March
Posted on Mon 20 Mar 2023

Due to the adverse weather conditions the club had to cancel Thursday the 9th's meeting. The committee had a little juggling to do with the programme and wish to thank Tom & Patricia for stepping in and doing tutorials on Lightroom and Affinity last Thursday.   We are also very...

Thursday 16 - Tutorials on Lightroom & Affinity and slideshow
Posted on Mon 13 Mar 2023

Hi Everyone

Well good job we cancelled last Thursday! Having to cancel has meant a slight rejigging of the programme which means that this Thursday the entries for the "Panel" competition are due in and they will be judged by Ann Sweeney on Thursday 23rd March...

Posted on Thu 9 Mar 2023

Important message for all members - as I'm sure you are all well aware of the weather situation for the next day or so and due to the uncertainity of how safe it would be for people to travel, the Camera Club for tonight the 9th March is cancelled so PLEASE...

Thursday 9th - John Kelly
Posted on Sun 5 Mar 2023

We had a great night in our Still Life tutorial and there was certainly enough of a selection to capture lots of pictures.  A special thanks must go to Jim Keller for bringing in what was just a small but fabulous selection, of his large collection of old camera equipment...

Hands on Tutorial on Still Life
Posted on Tue 28 Feb 2023

A really big thank you to Dave & Bryan from Whelan Cameras Limerick who judged in person (with obvious expertise), our print entries for the Brian Callaghy Cup and hanks for the little quiz and prizes at the end!Whelan Cameras also gave a demonstration on mirrorless cameras and other...

Judging of Brian Callaghy Print by Whelan's Camera Shop Limerick
Posted on Mon 20 Feb 2023

Thank you to Philip Smyth for his great presentation on Nature photography last week.

This coming Thursday 23rd, we have the judging in person, of the Brian Callaghy open theme print competition, by Whelans Cameras from Limerick. The entry prints for this competition will be on display in...

Philip Smyth is our Guest Speaker on Nature this Thursday 16th
Posted on Sun 12 Feb 2023

Camera Club members had a great night stretching the minds at the quiz in the Menlo Park Hotel and the Winners were - Claire Dennehy, Tom Quinn, James Percy and Michelle Lynch.  Congratulations guys and enjoy your prize of a voucher.  Picture of the smiling winners below.  A big...

This Thursday 9th club is in Menlo Park Hotel
Posted on Tue 7 Feb 2023

The Camera Club night out is this Thursday the 9th February and will be held in the Menlo Park Hotel @ 7.30pm.  We are having a fun quiz night, so start brushing up on some photography questions etc.,  Prizes for the winning table and the club...

Bellharbour Point to Point day out
Posted on Mon 6 Feb 2023

We had a great day out - be it a little cold, but sunny and dry - at Bellharbour Point to Point last Sunday.  Afraid the bookies didnt make anything on us as we were there for another interest - getting photos! The scenery, the crowds and the action of the racing all certainly provided that...

Samples of tutorial from Thursday 2nd
Posted on Sat 4 Feb 2023

We had a great night experimenting with different light trails last Thursday night and below are just a few sent to me by some members.  Do keep experimenting yourselves.

Important Message Please read
Posted on Fri 3 Feb 2023

Hi Everyone

Important news regarding this coming Sunday the 5th February 2023 - plans have changed and we are NOT heading to Eagles Flying in Sligo, but instead to Bellharbour Point to Point in Co Clare.  To start with the weather forecast is good,...

Results of Macro & Closeup and other news
Posted on Mon 30 Jan 2023

We definitely had winners alright last Thursday and thanks to Nicholas Grundy for his very positive, practical and worthwhile comments on all the entries - it made for a very beneficial and rewarding night. Macro/Closeup certainly made for a variety of ideas in the entries. Thanks Nicholas and...

Judging of Macro/Closeup with Nicholas Grundy
Posted on Tue 24 Jan 2023

A very interesting and informative display of and discussion about Street Photography by Steve Scott last Thursday Night - thanks a million Steve for your time and information so freely given.

We Welcome Nicholas Grundy this coming Thursday, the 26th, to judge our "Macro/Closeup"...

Thursday 19th Steve Scott - Street Photography
Posted on Mon 16 Jan 2023

Thanks to Outdoor Studios for a great presentation/tutorial on Wildlife and how you can get great photos starting from your kitchen window and spreading outwards.

We welcome Steve Scott this Thursday night the 19th @ 7.30pm for Street Photography - this will be of interest to many as we...

Welcome back via Zoom for the 12th January 2023
Posted on Sun 8 Jan 2023

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the start of the 2023 season.  As announced we are going via zoom for the first night the 12th January  - starting at 7.30pm, so if everyone could be online a few minutes before, that would be appreciated and you can be...

Results of Competition Theme "Action"
Posted on Fri 9 Dec 2022

Simon Allen - thank you soo much for your very comprehensive and thought provoking judging of our competition themed "Action".  It was very obvious that Simon had put a lot of work into this adjudication and it was lovely to have a person from Scotland judging one of our competitions - one...

Christmas Market Photo Outing
Posted on Wed 7 Dec 2022

Thanks to all who turned up on what was definitely a cold night, but an enjoyable one.  We did attract some attention with all the tripods, but in a good way. Next time we might manage a hot something at the end of the night.

Thursday 8th Judging with Simon Allen by zoom
Posted on Mon 5 Dec 2022

Thanks Nicholas Grundy for your tutorial on Macro & Closeup photography last Thursday.  Great to have the cameras out!  Looking forward to having Nicholas judging our Theme no 4 "Macro/Closeup" on the 26th January 2023.

This coming Thursday the 8th December, we have our first...

Outing to Headford on 27th November
Posted on Thu 1 Dec 2022

Despite a downpour or 2 we got a few photos from our outing last Sunday to the medieval monastery in Headford and the only inland lighthouse close by.  

Congratulations to all winners in the Silhouette competition
Posted on Mon 28 Nov 2022

The Galway Camera Club would like to give a huge thank you to Darach Glennon who judged this competition.  His critique was extremely positive, fair and informative to all - his own presentation of some of his work was just beautiful - well worth looking at his website, so just look up...

Tutorial on Thursday 1st December with Nicholas Grundy
Posted on Sun 27 Nov 2022

Tutorial with Nicholas Grundy is next on our programme for this coming Thursday 1st December @ 7.30pm and this will have an emphasis on Macro/closeup.  As we have a "Macro/Closeup" competition coming up, with entries due on the 12th January 2023, this tutorial is very timely and knowing the...

Judging of Silhouette Competition
Posted on Sat 19 Nov 2022

We were soo privilaged to have Inaki Hernandez bring us around both the oustide and inside of some of the world's famous buildings, showing us some amazing perspectives of these buildings.  We even got to see some of his award winning prints and they were truly stunning.  Thank you...

Guest Speaker - Inaki Hernandez
Posted on Sun 13 Nov 2022

Thanks soo much to everyone who contributed to a full night of members showing the absolute variety of topics, talent and knowledge that was on display last Thursday night - well done to all.

We also presented our beautiful handmade (by member Jim Keller) tropies to members from the...

Member's night and entries for Silhouette Competition
Posted on Tue 8 Nov 2022

This Thursday is "member's night" where we will have members talking about how and why they took their pictures that they will be showing.  This night will show the diversity of talent and also will definitely have a varity of topics in the presentations - should be interesting so dont miss...

Results of Season's 1st Competition
Posted on Mon 24 Oct 2022

We had a wonderfuld trip around the world with Brendan Lawlor's photographs last Thursday.  Many thanks Brendan for such an informative and interesting night.

This Thursday 27th @ 7.30pm we have the results of our first competition of the Season 2022-2023. Critique provided by Kevin...

Brendan Lawlor - Thursday night
Posted on Mon 17 Oct 2022

We always have a great welcome for Brendan Lawlor and his wonderful pictures, full of color, personal stories, his travels and we are always left with a smile on our faces.

So 7.30pm this Thursday night - dont be late! Below are some examples of Brendan's work.

Wildlife Photography with Oliver Wright
Posted on Thu 29 Sep 2022

Wildlife Photographer Oliver Wright is going to give a talk on his work and equipment in the Strand Hotel Limerick on Wednesday 26th Oct 2pm - 5pm. Check the link

Opening Night Thursday 22nd September 2022
Posted on Fri 9 Sep 2022

It is with great pleasure that Galway Camera Club will start our 2022-2023 Season in Atlantic Technological University (Formerly GMIT), in the White Room in Cluain Mhuire, Wellpark, Galway, H91 DY9Y on Thursday 22nd September @ 7.30pm.  All Welcome.

Our first Guest Speaker, on the...