Date Published 
Thu 9 Mar 2023

Important message for all members - as I'm sure you are all well aware of the weather situation for the next day or so and due to the uncertainity of how safe it would be for people to travel, the Camera Club for tonight the 9th March is cancelled so PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL AS THERE WILL BE NOBODY THERE! As regards the panel print entries that were due tonight no worries we will extend the entry date and regig the programme - we will inform you as soon as the committee have finalised matters, so do keep an eye on the website and facebook page for up to date details. Regarding entries for the digital "Red" "Blue" themed competition - these entries are still due in this Sunday the 12th March and as usual entries can only be submitted by entry through the competitions section in the above header and not through any other method. Hope you all stay safe and think it is a night for the fire, so enjoy that aspect at least!

Galway Camera Club
Cluain Muire Campus