Welcome back via Zoom for the 12th January 2023

Date Published 
Sun 8 Jan 2023

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the start of the 2023 season.  As announced we are going via zoom for the first night the 12th January  - starting at 7.30pm, so if everyone could be online a few minutes before, that would be appreciated and you can be cosy comfy with cuppa in hand!  The link was sent out in December via the member's wattsapp group, or you can use the link provided under the above heading "Bulletins". No better way to kickstart the year than by introducing something that is accessible to us all and is close to home - Wildlife photography! The zoom presentation will be given by Outdoor Studio Photography and Lightroom Training.

Wildlife Photography close to home.

Eamon and Christine O’Daly of Outdoor Studio Photography and Lightroom Training have a love for nature and wildlife photography. In this presentation we will look at wildlife photography close to home – in our gardens and parks, and will go through opportunity, equipment and technique. 



Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday the 12th @ 7.30pm and dont forget to have your entries for the Macro/Closeup competition ready for entry.

Galway Camera Club
Cluain Muire Campus