Your camera's potential

Date Published 
Thu 3 Feb 2022

Thanks to Eamon O'Daly from Outdoor Studios for another night of information about exploring the potential of the camera, not from the technical side but from exploring composition, light and just looking at things differently and how small things can make a huge difference to the end result.  Thanks Eamon and we look forward to another night on the 3rd March and this one will be just as popular - Macro Photography!

Just a reminder that "Member's Night" is on the 17th February and we are looking for volunteers to showcase their work.  5 pictures will be showcased from the member's own gallery and we would like a bit of information about the pictures - perhaps, why you took it, what you like about it and maybe a little bit about the settings you used.  There will be no critique just the member talking about their own photos! So do let us know if you would like to partake.  It is always good to be proud of what you take so dont be shy!

Dont forget Judging of the Chairman's competition "Galway through the lens" is this Thursday night the 10th.