Poles Apart - Annie Given

Date Published 
Wed 1 Dec 2021

Thanks a million to Annie Given for last weeks presentation, as she brought us with her on the journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic which was both informative from the photographical and historical angle . We would also like to acknowledge her generous gesture of donating her fee to Cope Galway Food Bank. Below are a few of her photos from different poles! Best seen by clicking on each photo.

This week’s presentation is from Outdoor Studio who will be discussing DSLR Cameras versus Mirrorless - anyone interested in investing in a camera, changing over or has any questions about cameras they would like answered this is your opportunity! Log in as usual 8pm.

We are in a very fortunate position to have the opportunity to have all these wonderful guests, from both near and far, coming virtually into our club during these Covid times and as a club being able to have such a variety of topics under discussion in the club. Lets make the most of it!