Guest Speaker David Keep - Underwater Photography

Date Published 
Tue 19 Apr 2022

David Keep is the last of our guest speakers for this 2021-2022 Season and seeing as we live on the Wild Atlantic Way, it is quite appropriate that we finish on this topic of photography. David himself states that he is "passionate about all forms of photography & confesses to spending far too much time doing it! However, he would describe myself as an image maker not a photographer as he enjoys the post-processing as much as he does taking the photo." David has awards way too many to mention here but you can find out more about David on his facebook page @ for a small taste of whats to come on Thursday night. 

Judging of the final 2 competitions of the season takes place on Thursday 28th with judging by Richie Hatch from Louth Camera Club.

Our AGM will be on the 5th May and it would be appreciated if as many as possible can attend as this is also the prize giving night for Image of the Year etc.  In order to ensure transparency of all required voting etc, and because we are still on zoom, attendance at the AGM does necessitate video appearance on the zoom. If any member would like to join the committee, please put your name forward to the present committee before the 5th - new faces and ideas are always welcome on the committee.