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Photographer Of The Year

This is a league competition which consists of six rounds. Four rounds are themed and two are open to any subject matter. The annual POTY award is presented to the member who has received the most points.

There are 2 categories in the each competition: Print or Digital Color Projected and Print or Digital Black and White Projected.

Number of entries:
Each club member can submit 4 entries, but only 2 per category.

Competition themes for the 2016 season:

– Open (Prints Only)
– Panorama (Digital)
– Transport (Digital)

Competition themes for the 2017 season:

– Open (Digital)
– Still Life (Digital)
– Caught in the Act (Digital)

Guidelines for Themes

Any subject containing the elements of good composition and reflecting the interpretation of the photographer.

Set Subject: (Themed Rounds)
Any images which fit the description of an assigned theme. Entrants have a great opportunity to show their creative side.


Re-sizing your images:
Jpeg is preferred and the maximum size should be: 1500 pixels on the long side & a resolution of 100 pixels/inch.

Prints & Mounts:
1) For competitions where prints are entered, all entries must be mounted.

2) The minimum size of images is 10″ x 8″ and the maximum mount size is 20″ x 16″. A simple mount of a photo on a card backing is acceptable.

Identifying your entries:
Entries must have your image title, membership number, colour or B&W and your grade.

For this example: membership number is 102, competition theme is “Open”, entering a colour image and you are a Novice, name your image as follows:

“Image Title” – 102 –Colour- N

Entries failing to meet these requirements will be disqualified.

Submitting the images:

1) Entries will be accepted at the club meeting two weeks prior to the competition judging itself.

2) Digital entries can also be mailed to these must arrive in the inbox NO LATER than MIDNIGHT on the FRIDAY the 1 weeks prior to the competition judging night as indicated on the club program.

(We cannot be responsible for e-mailed entries that may not be received, please put a read request on your sent mail to ensure that the mail has been read.)

Scoring system:

1 point for each entry
3rd: 4 points
2nd: 7 points
1st: 10 points

Prizes for overall winners:

€100 photographer of the year

2nd place: €75
3rd place: €50

€50 beginner overall winner
€30 beginner overall winner

Age limit on Submissions

The purpose of the club competitions is to provide a forum for members to improve their photographic skills. The key to this is to be out there taking photos. To aid this any image that has been submitted to a competition CANNOT BE SUBMITTED INTO CLUB COMPETITION’S FOR THE NEXT 36 MONTHS.

(Note this applies to all images submitted to Club Competitions).

Submitting the same photograph under different categories is not permitted (e.g. A colour version of a previously entered monochrome image) or visa versa.

Judges will be briefed on the subject of each competition and shown any brief that was given to the members. The scoring system of the relevant competition is also clearly explained to the judge.

The decision of the judges is final and no discussion is to be entered into with the judges regarding their decision.


To ensure fair competition between photographers of similar ability, we operate three grades.

The grades are as follows:
1. Advanced Grade (A) – experienced photographers.
2. Intermediate Grade (I) – some experience, but not at Grade A.
3. Novice Grade (N) – inexperienced photographers.

New members are placed into Novice (N) Grade by default, but can request to be moved to another grade if they wish. New members will be vetted by the class tutors and if they meet the criteria for a higher grade they will be placed in that grade.

Entry into the novice grade competition will be accepted from competitors who:
• have been approved by the committee to compete in the novice (N) grade, or
• who have received less than 6 awards for entries submitted in competitions.

Intermediate Grade (I) consists of those photographers who:
• Have won G.C.C. Photographer of the Year novice (N) grade
• Have received less than 6 awards for entries submitted in intermediate grade (I) competitions
• Have been promoted from novice (N) grade via average score rule
• Have requested to compete in intermediate grade (I)

Advanced Grade (A) consists of those photographers who:
• Any distinction holders – e.g. L.I.P.F or higher
• Professional photographers
• Have won the G.C.C. Photographer of the Year intermediate grade (I) or advanced grade (A)
• Have been promoted from intermediate grade (I) via average score and awards rule
• Have requested to compete in advanced grade (A)

Promotion / Demotion of Grades

A club member shall receive a promotion within the club under the following circumstances:

Winners of novice (N) grade and intermediate grade (I) in their respective Photographer of the Year or league competition shall receive promotion to next grade. Receiving a distinction from IPF (or equivalent) which is considered permanent will prevent demotion to any other grade. Having received 6 or more awards for entries submitted in their respective grade in competitions.

Promotions / demotions will be based on the average score rule and awards received.

To be promoted your average score must be higher than the average score in the grade above you. To be demoted your average score must be lower that the average score of the grade below you.

Note:- Members cannot be demoted to novice grade (N).

Individual members may submit a request to be regraded. This must be approved by the committee and is not applicable to members that hold an distinction (or higher) or a professional photographer.

Promotions and demotions will be assessed annually.

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